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It has been over forty years since the young Mauro Giannetti began his apprenticeship in the workshops for the stone processing.

Giannetti Marmi exists for over thirty years. It is an handicraft business known for the quality of its finished products, the flexibility of its organization, care and professionalism in dealing with customers. A long and successful experience, characterized by collaboration with professional firms, interior designers, construction handle and renovation for old and prestigious buildings, by the ability to process all materials and updating his skills.


The Giannetti Marmi has it's own laboratory in Valdarno, but operates throughout all Tuscany. Sends it’s hand made works  in Italy and Europe, following, if required, setting and installation. It provides consulting for the treatment of surfaces and makes any restoration works. 


It produces any sort of products using handmade skilled labour and modern technology for marquetry works too. 

Giannetti Marmi  is particularly sought after in the industry furnitures, thanks to the careful choice of materials and to the customization of works made by  innovative process.


Continuous cooperation with decorators and sculptors allowed Giannetti Marmi to develop, over time, a line of work and production also dedicated to furnishing funeral.

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